Thursday, September 18, 2008


Do you ever feel like those terms are interchangeable? That is how I have been feeling these last couple of months. I feel like all I do is dishes, laundry and cleaning. (Not to mention working full time and being home with the kids all day.) I'll purposely leave dishes in the sink thinking (hoping) they'll get washed. They don't. I say out loud, "I'm NOT washing these dishes." Yet, nobody else feels it necessary to wash them, knowing my OCD will kick in and I will have to wash them. Same with the laundry. How hard is it to take the items from the washer, put them in the dryer, take them out, fold and put away? Seriously. I'm just tired. You'd think being in a small house that the work would be less, but it's actually double. It doesn't take but a few things being out to make it look like a bomb went off. Is it too much to ask for (expect) a little bit of help? And by that, I mean to help without expecting a reward for it? (You moms know what I'm talking about..."they" do the dishes and want praise for's like they've just climbed a mountain or something. We do it and...nothing.) Yes, I am bitching. I don't care. I have enough on my plate right now trying to get this deal closed on the house. I'm on the phone every single day talking to the mortage company, insurance companies, title company, attornies, realtors, etc. I'm. at. my. end.

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MamaMia said...

I feel the same way. I can only do so much.