Friday, June 27, 2008


If you ask any of my kids what patience means, they will tell you "waiting without complaining". Apparently, I need to practice a bit of this myself. After wallowing in pity and pretty much giving up, Derby posted the ad this morning. So, now I'm a ball of emotions and I haven't even filled out the application! Not to worry, I will. But, I was going through it and realized that I forgot to renew my driver's license! YIKES! Somehow that escaped me. So, I have to go get a new license today so I can have a proper expiration date. We haven't really told a lot of people what is going on. Well, unless you count the whole internet, but not THAT many people read my blog. So, I will finish my application later, then the true test of patience will begin.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It sucks being lead on. I got a call last Monday from my old Lt. with Derby telling me they were opening up a position and would I be interested in applying. It was a call I'd been waiting for. For the last week I've checked their website multiple times a day just so I wouldn't miss it. Well, it's been like a week and a half and I'm beginning to think that my dream of going back is gone. So now I have a decision to make. Do I start a job hunt for Wichita and do something different with my life or do I stay in Olathe doing what I'm doing?

Monday, June 16, 2008

At a Crossroads (crazies and asshats unite!)

Where to begin? It's been a while since I've been on. Our online access is limited at work (ie NO blogging websites). The last month has been packed full of nothingness and chaos at the same time. Haley finished school and is home for the summer. We had a meeting at work saying we weren't getting a raise this year. (This from the same city who doesn't provide shift differential or yearly cost of living raises.) On top of that, half the department has one foot out the door. We have now had our normal shifts (8-12-12-8) taken away and are going to 5, 8-hour shifts. Bye-bye 3 day weekend and having Sat-Mon off. Nathan's work doesn't have anything locally so he is bouncing between Overland Park, Lawrence, Iola and Wichita. They also change their minds multiple times a day as to where he is supposed to be, so I'm never really sure where he is working. We no longer have daycare because my provider decided to get off her meds and piss me off. So, I'm currently working all night, then coming home and taking care of the kids. Then I sleep when Woody gets home until it's time for me to go to work. I'm a real peach right now. Yes, I have feelers out there for new daycare. I've decided we'll probably not go with another in-home provider because the kids need stability and Woody and I need to know that we have reliable care for them. We're also looking into the option of hiring a nanny/housekeeper, but we will see which is more affordable. OK, I think that covers the crazies and asshats.

For my crossroads. What do I do? Nathan and I have decided if the opportunity presents itself, we will move back to Wichita. I thought I'd found that opportunity, but it was short-lived. However, it doesn't mean another won't come along. We agreed last year that we would give it (Olathe) a year and see how we felt. Our year is almost up and we've decided that we just don't belong here; that it will never be "home" to us. With all the crazies and asshats (see above) we need family and friends to be buffers and sounding boards. It just isn't the same over the phone or through email. Olathe/Johnson County isn't a bad place, it just isn't the place for us. With that being said, it may end up that we are here another couple of years (not by choice). If a job opportunity isn't availabe before the new school year begins, we won't move (unless they make a deal we can't refuse). It's bad enough Haley will have to start a new school, but I don't want her to try and do it in the middle of a school year. We are still second-guessing our decisions, but I guess only time will tell. We thought we'd made the decision to stay and then I got homesick and frustrated.

Anyway, that's my life right now; decisions, crazies and asshats.