Thursday, July 24, 2008

To buy or rent, that is the question

Well, we are still not having luck finding a rental. So now we have to decide whether to continue looking or purchase a home. However, I'd still need a place to live for like a month until we can close. I found a house in Mulvane that I really like, but I need to sell Nathan on it. It is old and has tons of character. It has a great front porch, too! However, the back taxes we owe are standing in the way. We have to pay them off before we close on a house. So, still lots more thinking to do.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

To find a dang place to live! When we moved up to Olathe, I found a house with a few clicks of my mouse. Same with daycare. However, it appears that the landlords of Wichita haven't joined the program. You can barely find anything on-line. Then if you do, getting them to return calls or emails is like pulling teeth! I don't get it! On top of that, everyone has raised their rent prices. So here I am, taking a $5,000 a year pay cut and everyone else is raising their prices. I was moving back to Wichita to get a lower cost of living, not make less and pay what I'm paying up here! I sure as hell hope that landlords of Wichita know how to use a newspaper and I can find something tomorrow morning when we get in!

It also shouldn't be this hard to pack up a house! Holy crap! I'm finding a lot of stuff we've moved multiple times should never have been moved. I've found boxes of magazines belonging to Nathan. Apparently he thinks they'll be worth money someday. I've got news for him. They aren't original Playboy magazines, therefore they're worth NOTHING. It also doesn't help that I get stuff packed up, go to work, and then the kids unbox it all.

I'm almost ready to say "screw it" and just stay here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy Schmoly!!!

Well, it turns out my patience paid off. I received my job offer this morning. The kicker? They want me to start August 11th!!! That give me less than a month to find somewhere to live and move and find daycare. OMG! We just did this last year and I vowed to not do it again. So much for that vow! I may have to push my starting date back a week, but we still have to be moved in that short amount of time due to Haley starting school. So, don't expect a lot of updates and such from me since we're going to be packing maniacs. For my KC area readers, I'm going to be selling a lot of stuff, so if you are looking for things, let me know!!! For my Wichita readers, if you know of houses for rent in the Mulvane/Rose Hill/Derby area, WRITE ME!!!! OK...back to packing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Waiting

It's a good thing I'm busy at work, because it helps to keep my mind off of everything else. I still haven't heard anything from Derby and I'm getting antsy. I said if we are going to do this, it needs to be before school starts because I don't want Haley to have to change schools in the middle of the year. So, I'm torn between packing and looking for a house down there, or finding a new house here.

We're supposed to go car hunting this weekend. The van is starting to act up, so I need out of it before something really goes wrong with it. Hopefully we'll get on trade-in at least what I owe. Our credit still sucks, so we probably won't end up any better on payments, but at least we'd have something with a warranty. No, it doesn't really follow Dave Ramsey's plan, but we can't afford to make repairs AND make the van payment. I don't know what we are going to get, but it'll have to be something that the kids can all fit in with their carseats. So, hopefully next week I'll be able to post new car pics.

Grayson turned 3 on Saturday. Gosh, that is hard to believe. My baby is no longer a baby, but a full-fledged toddler in his thunderous threes. He is such a big boy. He is speaking so much more and potty trained. Man it's nice to not have to buy diapers anymore!

Well, that's about it for now. My work schedule has changed, so I'm trying to adapt as well as the kids. Hopefully I'll have some news...SOON!