Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conversations from the backseat

OK, get your mind out of the gutter. This is in no way a foray into breaking in the new car! These are just overheard conversations from my kidlets as they ride in the car.

(A little intro...Rachael got a new puppy named Tallulah and brought it by to show the kids)

Me: Grayson, did Aunt Rachael come by and see you yesterday?
Mariah: Yes! And she brought her puppy!
Me: Grayson, do you know that dog's name?
Grayson: Yes! It's Tuna!


Haley: My 20 questions game didn't guess what I was trying to be.
Me: What were you?
Haley: A baby
Me: And what were the guesses?
Haley: A butt and a human body
(long pause)
Mariah: A baby IS a human body! Duh, Haley!


Grayson: That guy is driving a purple car!
Mariah: Purple is probably his favorite color.
(They giggle and we pull away from the stop light)
Grayson: Bye-bye loser!

Yes, a proud moment indeed....

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