Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the Shoe Lover

I am a confessed shoe whore and have apparently passed the trait along to my girls. (I could have passed along worse!) I've been trying to come up with a scheme for girls' room (whenever Hubs decides to finish it) and I think these would look fantastic smattered about the walls.



Monday, June 15, 2009

Look Good Enough To Eat...

Even though they are vegan, I think I will pass. These soaps are so.stinkin'.cute! Made by DirtyAssSoaps on Etsy. I think these will make adorable party favors!



Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's no big secret that I LOVE to shop. Seriously. Especially when it comes to my kids. It must be something inherited from my mom. (I like to pass blame.) I've been a huge Ebayer for years. Sadly enough, I've bought more than I've sold. Then, along came Etsy. I did my damndest to stay away. I really did. But there is just TOO much cute stuff. And I am a sucker for custom-made items. (Shoot, the kids used to be Ebay models on the custom circuit for a while.) I had been doing really well and hadn't purchased a single item, just coveted them until Mother's Day. I found something I wanted and Nathan ordered one for me and his mom. Now, I am truly hooked. Guess I'd better start selling on Ebay to fund my passion for Etsy. So, every once in a while I'll hook you up with some of my favorite sellers. The first is The Vintage Pearl. Nathan bought me an awesome necklace for Mother's Day that has the kids's names stamped on it. The second is a gal who makes the cutest placemats. What great gifts!

(This is not the necklace that Nathan purchased for me, but similar)





I figure if I'm going to be addicted, I'm NOT doing it alone!