Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a Conspiracy!

These stores that put Pumpkin Spice Kisses in their ads...then you go to the store and they are out.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conversations from the backseat

OK, get your mind out of the gutter. This is in no way a foray into breaking in the new car! These are just overheard conversations from my kidlets as they ride in the car.

(A little intro...Rachael got a new puppy named Tallulah and brought it by to show the kids)

Me: Grayson, did Aunt Rachael come by and see you yesterday?
Mariah: Yes! And she brought her puppy!
Me: Grayson, do you know that dog's name?
Grayson: Yes! It's Tuna!


Haley: My 20 questions game didn't guess what I was trying to be.
Me: What were you?
Haley: A baby
Me: And what were the guesses?
Haley: A butt and a human body
(long pause)
Mariah: A baby IS a human body! Duh, Haley!


Grayson: That guy is driving a purple car!
Mariah: Purple is probably his favorite color.
(They giggle and we pull away from the stop light)
Grayson: Bye-bye loser!

Yes, a proud moment indeed....

Hump Day

OK, while I still think that is a bizarre name for the day, it still makes me giggle. Not only is today where we get over the hump of the work week (normal, banker-type people's work week, not mine), it also means only 2 more days until we close! (crossing fingers, toes, eyes, whatever will make it happen.) While I am excited about having a house, I LOATHE moving. And right now, we have stuff stored everywhere; at the rental, at Pep and Rudy's other empty rental, the storage unit (crammed full) and at the farm. Blech! At least I don't have too much stuff to pack up. Don't get me wrong, I am not really complaining. More just talking to hear myself talk because Mariah and Grayson don't have much of an attention span. I'm so excited I can't sleep at night. I think about where we are going to put stuff and what we can do. I also stress about how we are going to afford everything. But, I know I've been taught the tools thanks to Dave Ramsey. Nathan and I just need to buckle down and start using them again. We need to make it a way of life instead of an option. Anyway, my train of thought is so all over the place I'm starting to feel like Mariah and Grayson. Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. We are excited to make our house a home!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"In" vs "Out" Crowd

It's strange. All of my life it seems like I've struggled to find that place where I "fit". Some of it was my family. I mean, when you are the ONLY redhead and the middle child, that's already two strikes! It doesn't help I have a supersmart, beautiful older sister and a supersmart younger brother. I was always the average student who struggled to get decent grades. Most of the struggling to fit in happened at school, though. When I started elementary school I always thought I was friendly (Lord knows I was talkative.) I tried to befriend most people. But, I always seemed to fall just short of being part of the "in" crowd. You know, the girls who stood together and did cheers for the popular boys while they played basketball or football; the girls that had huge, elaborate slumber parties. I had friends that belonged, but when it came to me being PART of that crowd, I just never was. Once grade school and junior high hit, we really had our niches cut out. While I went through a horribly homely stage (hair turning curly, braces, glasses, the whole bit), the In girls were "blossoming" and starting to wear make-up. When it came time for cheerleader try-outs, it was pointless. Though many of us wanted it, we all knew who would get it. I'll never forget during junior high, some high school members of SADD came over and gave a performance. My sister was part of that performance. Later in the hallway I overheard some of the boys discussing her and one of the made a comment, "Her sister is so hot! I wonder what the hell happened to Marissa." And they all started laughing. For a teenage girl struggling to find herself, that was a heartbreaking blow. High school was a little better, but I still lived in the shadow of my sister. (She was obviously an IN girl.) Teachers often compared me to her. I had guys date me to try and get closer to her, or they would date me because they'd always had a thing for her. But again, I just never measured up the the 5'9" blond. But, I was making my own path. I participated in drama and thespians and debate. I became active in FHA and traveled. I proved that I could dance, too. But even being part of those clubs, I was still on the outskirts of "in". Though towards the end, I really didn't care about being popular. I had a core group of friends, and that was more than I could have asked for. (They still are to this day.)

So, here I am today. 30 years old and still trying to figure out how to fit in and still living in the shadow of Rachael. I'm so not kidding. For instance, one of the officers I work with had a serious crush on her growing up. She was "#1" for him. So, he lovingly refers to me as..."#2". (Seriously people...everytime he says it, it makes me think of poop. And who wants to live being referred to as poop?) Living in her shadow doesn't bother me so much now because I've got plenty to be proud of. But feeling socially inept at 30 is another thing. I think part of it goes back to my line of work. I spend 40+ hours a week speaking code or talking to complete fucktards on the phone. I have found a great group of women/moms and I am finally feeling like maybe I have somewhere that I belong...and maybe I finally am fitting in.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Do you ever feel like those terms are interchangeable? That is how I have been feeling these last couple of months. I feel like all I do is dishes, laundry and cleaning. (Not to mention working full time and being home with the kids all day.) I'll purposely leave dishes in the sink thinking (hoping) they'll get washed. They don't. I say out loud, "I'm NOT washing these dishes." Yet, nobody else feels it necessary to wash them, knowing my OCD will kick in and I will have to wash them. Same with the laundry. How hard is it to take the items from the washer, put them in the dryer, take them out, fold and put away? Seriously. I'm just tired. You'd think being in a small house that the work would be less, but it's actually double. It doesn't take but a few things being out to make it look like a bomb went off. Is it too much to ask for (expect) a little bit of help? And by that, I mean to help without expecting a reward for it? (You moms know what I'm talking about..."they" do the dishes and want praise for's like they've just climbed a mountain or something. We do it and...nothing.) Yes, I am bitching. I don't care. I have enough on my plate right now trying to get this deal closed on the house. I'm on the phone every single day talking to the mortage company, insurance companies, title company, attornies, realtors, etc. I'm. at. my. end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking a much deserved break

Tonight I get to take a break from being mom, wife, maid, cook, nurse, and mediator. Tonight, I just get to be a girlfriend, if only for a few hours. I am going so sub at Bunco with some women from my mom's group. It'll be so nice to have adult company with many women that I haven't seen since before I moved to Gardner. I've never played Bunco, but I figure after a few drinks it won't matter much anyway!

On another note, we have less than 2 weeks before we close on the house. It still hasn't quite sunk in that we'll actually have a place to call our own. I want to get excited, but keep holding back in case something goes wrong. We have been very blessed with the kindness of my friends Peppi and Rudy who opened up doors to their rental so we had somewhere to live until we could find a home to buy. Their kindness can never be repaid. They have really become family to us over the years.

Anyway, I promised the kids a trip to the park to feed the ducks, so I guess I'd better get it together.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What do you miss?

I was reading a beauty blog a few days ago and it was about beauty products that have been discontinued. That got me thinking about that things, not necessarily beauty related (but mostly), that I miss. I mean, it never fails that I find a product that works really well on my skin or hair, then it's gone. Or, there is a certain shade of eye shadow or blush, then the next time you go to purchase it, the salesperson tells you they no longer make it. I also hate it when I find over the counter medications that work for my allergy/sinus issues then they quit making them. (Or people abuse them and you have to sign over your first-born child in order to get something with real Sudafed in it. Damn meth-heads.) Here are a few of mine, but I'd like to know what other people miss, because I surely am not alone. So, think hard and respond away!

Clean and Clear Shampoo/Conditioner
Chanel "Very Vamp" lipstick and nail polish
Benadryl Chewable Tablets (grape flavored)
Lancome Maqui Libre Foundation

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Patience Pays

We found out on Sunday that the sellers accepted the offer on the house. They didn't even counter-offer. That really surprised us. So, if all goes right, we will close on or before September 26th. We are really excited, but we know that things can still go wrong and it could still fall through. To be honest, our credit history isn't the best. We've been working really hard the last year or so to improve it, but there have been times where we've slipped up. We are doing everything to keep things on track and hopefully the mortgage company underwriters will see it that way. So, I'm trying to keep my excitement contained so if something does happen that I'm not too let down. But, it's still fun to think about all of the possibilities. Thanks for your good thoughts, well wishes, prayers or whatever. Keep them up and I'll keep you apprised!