Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Journey

It's hard to believe it has been just over a year since we took a different road in our journey of life, marriage, parenting and jobs. Last May is when I began the hiring process with Olathe. This coming Friday will mark a year since my interview and polygraph. It doesn't seem possible. Once we started down this road, everything became a blur. We began preparing our kids, family and friends on the possibilities of what might lie ahead. Even though we were walking into it blind ourselves, we didn't want anyone, especially the kids taken by surprise. It was June when I got the call offering me the job and a mere few weeks later when we moved. I will say, it hasn't been easy. It's been a huge adjustment for all of us. Throughout the year I've constantly second-guessed my decision, but I'm finally coming to peace with it. I still miss my family and friends. I've had friends pretty much drop off the face of the earth, but I've had others step up and keep me going. I think my marriage was also saved by the move. We've had to rely on each other and don't have the interference we did before. The kids are learning to love it up here. Haley loves her school and our neighborhood is full of schoolmates. When we looked at moving back to Wichita, we had to take her into consideration. She's been in 3 different schools in 3 years. That's a lot for a little girl. So, putting our children and their happiness first, it looks like we will continue down this road that God led us to. We know it won't be easy, but for that we are prepared.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time for a change

I still can't quite believe it. Last night I had about 6 inches cut off my hair. I've been trying to grow it out forever and it was finally down past my shoulders WITH it being curly. It's now a chin-length bob. It looks cute, but I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror. But, it was time. All I did was put it up in a ponytail. Plus, I was shedding so much I there are days I could have made a wig for Barbie! But, most of all, I needed this for myself. I was just in a rut. I've only got 10 lbs left until I hit my weight-loss goal (I've now lost 35 lbs) and I needed this. I've tried buying myself new clothes and decided I now hate shopping. (I know some of you are gasping considering I used to be a shopping queen.) I think a lot of it is because I'm so used to seeing the extra weight on me that when I try on clothes I still see the fat. So, maybe this fresh new look will help me out.