Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump Day

OK, while I still think that is a bizarre name for the day, it still makes me giggle. Not only is today where we get over the hump of the work week (normal, banker-type people's work week, not mine), it also means only 2 more days until we close! (crossing fingers, toes, eyes, whatever will make it happen.) While I am excited about having a house, I LOATHE moving. And right now, we have stuff stored everywhere; at the rental, at Pep and Rudy's other empty rental, the storage unit (crammed full) and at the farm. Blech! At least I don't have too much stuff to pack up. Don't get me wrong, I am not really complaining. More just talking to hear myself talk because Mariah and Grayson don't have much of an attention span. I'm so excited I can't sleep at night. I think about where we are going to put stuff and what we can do. I also stress about how we are going to afford everything. But, I know I've been taught the tools thanks to Dave Ramsey. Nathan and I just need to buckle down and start using them again. We need to make it a way of life instead of an option. Anyway, my train of thought is so all over the place I'm starting to feel like Mariah and Grayson. Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. We are excited to make our house a home!

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