Sunday, August 10, 2008

I made "the" call

As a 911 dispatcher I get all kinds of calls and send help to people in need. But last night, I had to be the caller and try to patiently wait for the 911 dispatcher to help me. Nathan woke up and was having trouble breathing and suffering from chest pains. It scared the crap out of me. He is only 33, but has a long family history of heart problems. So, at 11:30 last night we had a rescue vehicle with 2 firemen and an ambulance with 2 paramedics at my house. They came blaring lights and sirens, as I knew they would. I must say, I don't like being on the calling end of the phone. Seconds seem like minutes and silence lasts an eternity. It was scary to see my husband hooked up to oxygen and a pulse-ox monitor. But, he is OK. It looks like the beginning of a nasty respiratory infection, probably brought on by not taking care of himself during this move. I hope from now on, I can be on the receiving end of the calls.

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Chelle said...

Oh Marissa, I bet that was very scary! I'm so glad to read that he is doing ok! *HUGS*