Friday, August 1, 2008

Almost There

Well, today is my last day at work. It's all kind of bittersweet. I'm excited about being closer to family, but I'm sad to leave the friends I've made. Wednesday and Thursday at work won't be the same without Ryan and Christa and our YouTube videos. I will also never look the same at biscuit dough again! We are going out for one last night of fun after I get off work at 11. But, I do have to show some self control.

The moving truck will be here tomorrow morning. (Which is why I have to behave tonight.) My inlaws are coming up to help load the truck. Some of it is going to the temporary rental. Some of it is going into Pep and Rudy's other empty rental and the rest is going in the storage unit. For those that don't know, Peppi and Rudy and great friends of mine who are allowing us to live in their rental until we can find more permanent housing. It's tiny, but it's affordable! My best friend is coming by tomorrow and taking the girls with her and they are staying the night in Derby while we move and unpack. I am so blessed to have such great friends who step up and help out. I'll owe them a girl's night out when all of this is done. Oh yes, and I have to cook Rudy dinner. (Once I figure out who to cook on a gas stove.)

Next week will be busy. I have to enroll Haley in school and also take my pre-employement physical. I've also got to get back up to Gardner to clean the house. Next Saturday we are doing our final walk-thru and I am PRAYING to get our full deposit back. We really need that money.

Other than that, not a lot going on! LOL! My first day at work is supposed to be the 13th, but I'm hoping to change that because it's also Haley's first day of school and I always get her ready and bring her. But, Nathan may take that roll this year. So, I probably won't be updating until our internet gets turned on next week. Wish us luck and we look forward to being back!

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Chelle said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you Mar! Where did you end up finding a house to rent for now?! Was it in the area you were looking for?! Safe travels tomorrow! can't wait to have a girls night out!!