Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Falling into Place?

Gosh, I'm scared to even think it. Could it really be happening? It seems like everytime we think things are finally turning around, something else slaps us in the face. (Car repairs, tax liens, sick kids, etc) But, with the exception of Haley's Alopecia Areata diagnosis, we might be getting close to some sense of normalcy. We found a house that we LOVE and are waiting to hear back from Bank of America for our mortgage stuff. Once we get word, we'll be making an offer. Right now, it's a 2 bedroom 2 bath, but the basement is unfinished and has a rough-in 3rd bath and a daylight window so we can put in a 3rd bedroom. There is also a large storage room that we can split up between storage and play. It is walking distance to Haley's school where she will be for the next 3 years with Mariah and Grayson right behind. I'm trying to not get too excited, because if it falls through, we'll both be devastated. It's hard to believe we may actually be homeowners again instead of just renters! So, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

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