Sunday, November 2, 2008

1 Off, 21 On

In the last 22 days, I have worked 21, with one day off. I worked 19 of those days back to back. Holy Cow! What was I thinking? I am sooo burnt out! 32 hours of overtime in 2 weeks is just too much. I know more about what is going on in the lives of my co-workers, their spouses and their kids than I do in what's going on the life of my spouse and kids. No, I don't get any "fun money" out of it, either. I'm being responsible and using it to renew the tags on the vehicles. I know, BORING! My husband has been feeling much like a single parent the last few weeks. However, the next couple of months won't be much better. It's now HIS turn to work the overtime. Plus, we've got the Food Co-op this month, Thanksgiving (at my house), birthday parties and other activities. Next month I'm having a get-together, then we've got Christmas (probably also at my house), my birthday, other birthdays/celebrations and then New Years. Maybe after the beginning of the year it'll settle down....maybe if I just click my heals....

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