Friday, November 21, 2008

Growth Spurts

Yeah, they suck. I know they are inevitable, but boy do they come at the wrong times! Middle Bit has decided that she needs to grow. I knew it was coming. The last few weeks she has eaten non-stop. (For those that have known her, she used to eat like a bird and was very picky.) She's also been taking 2 hour naps. Yesterday was my proof. She put on a pair of jeans that I purchased beginning of OCTOBER and they are getting too small. I'd adjusted the waist when she first wore them, so I let them out. They were also almost too short. Which means, she has an entire wardrobe of new clothes that are getting ready to be useless. It also means if her body is growing, her feet are sure to follow. That also means a collection of shoes that she can't wear. Now, when Haley does this it isn't so bad. I can hold onto the good stuff and pass it down to Mariah. I can't quite pass Mariah's stuff to Grayson! Ugh! Thank goodness I didn't buy her any clothes for Christmas!

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