Thursday, October 30, 2008


There was quite a spectacle tonight at McDonald's on Rock Rd in Derby. A young girl (maybe around 10) was seen sitting at a table with some adults. She had a sign around her neck that read, "I am a bully and a liar". The adults she was with were carrying on as if everything was normal. Well, the manager didn't like the situation because the employees were too busy watching the child and not paying attention to their work. So, they took it upon themselves to call the police department. Mind you, the child was looking quite humiliated, but was not crying or acting scared in any way. The police come out and contact the adults, who turned out to be the girl's grandparents. Apparently, this young girl had struck another child at school. A note was sent home by the principal to the parents (who are currently out of town). The girl forged her parent's signature on the paper and turned it back in. When questioned, she lied about it multiple times until finally telling the truth. So, parents and grandparents came up with the sign as her punishment. I think it is fantastic. I love seeing parents and grandparents having an active role in their child's punishment. Yes, they could have grounded her or spanked her. But, I think this really drove a point home with her. It definitely caught the attention of everyone in McDonalds. More children need to learn their are consequences for their actions. I, for one, applaud these parents and grandparents. So, for those that know me, don't be surprised if you see one of my "Bits" running around with a sign.

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