Saturday, November 15, 2008

Customer Service

I am one who thinks that the days of customer service are something of the past. And I'm not talking about sales people asking if you need anything, I'm talking about them going above and beyond to make you happy. It's rare that you find those people. And I do my fair share of shopping. Anyway, today did prove to me that not all hope is lost. I went to Von Maur to pick out a pair of boots. They were out in the size/color I was wanting. The salesman was very helpful and told me that he could call other stores and see if they had any and if they did, they would ship them directly to my house. Mind you, I was just in this same store the other night in a similar predicament and the salesBOY didn't even bother. He quickly dismissed me telling they only had a size 10. The gentleman today knew I had a couple other places to visit, not to mention I had 4 children tagging along with me. He took my information, put a hold on my 2nd choice of boots and another item I was purchasing and said he'd start calling. After about 45 minutes I made my way back and he told me he'd found my boots and I should expect them within the week. He'd called about half a dozen stores until he found them. He made my day. THIS is the type of customer service that people need to learn. If he hadn't found them, I'd have bought my 2nd choice without a second thought because he'd been so nice and tried to make me happy. So, next time you are in the shoe department of Von Maur, try to scout an a middle-aged man with glasses, I believe his name is Mark. He is wonderful and I will try to find him for my next purchase.

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