Friday, March 4, 2011

Sharing is Caring, right???

Not in this case. Holy moly. Every day I am begging the kids to share. "Please share your laptop with your little brother." "Please share your markers with your little brother" "Please share the last of the girl scout cookies with me." Anyway, LOTS of lectures on sharing. I thought they normally fell on deaf ears. Apparently not. The other night Little Bit wanted a drink of Big Bit's cherry-lime slush and she complied. Yay for sharing! Boo for what happened next. She shared...GERMS! Holy-Virus-Almighty! Our house is full of fevers, coughing and lots and lots of snot. Gross. First, Middle Bit had it a few weeks ago. When the others didn't get it I felt soooo lucky. Nope. Then it was hubs' turn. Then Big, now Little's. I love my kids, but am hoping my sharing lecture went in one clogged-up ear and out the other this time.

Wishing everyone in blog-land a happy, and snot-free weekend!

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