Friday, April 24, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

The other day I was feeling very courageous and took all 3 bits to the dentist. It was the first time for Middle Bit and Little Bit. I thought Little would be problematic. Boy was I wrong! He climbed up in that chair and did everything they asked of him. The only thing they had problems with was the xray where they put that little card in the mouth. But, they weren't terribly concerned since they had the 360. He checked out fine and was on his way with a goodie bag and balloon. What a great way to start out. Too bad it didn't end up that way. Middle Bit and Big Bit both have cavities which will be a small fortune to fix. Big Bit also had an ortho consult. I was thinking we had a few years before we started anything because she hasn't lost all of her baby teeth. WRONG! Apparently her upper jaw is too small and she needs a palate expander. They want to put it on with a few brackets in the next couple of months. So, what we'd planned on insurance covering for braces will now be spent on the expander. I have no experience with one of these. I wore braces for 4 years and they pulled permanent teeth as well as my wisdom teeth, but nothing like this. They also told us that Middle Bit will need one and to start saving because both girls will need the expander as well as braces. Fantastic. But, at least we got an advance warning and can save for a couple of years. Maybe Little Bit will be lucky and take after my brother and Woody and not need any ortho work. I can hope, right?

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MamaMia said...

Mia went to the dentist yesterday. She will also need braces, but, luckily, no cavities.