Sunday, January 4, 2009

5 Years

Where has the time gone? Middle Bit turned 5 today. It doesn't seem possible. She was our little miracle baby. (Not that I don't believe all babies are miracles.) But, we worked so hard to get her here. It was a long, touchy pregnancy and she was born perfectly healthy. She had an angel watching over her, because her cord had a perfect, complete knot that baffled the doctor. My dark-headed princess is now a blond-haired diva. We celebrated today with family. She wanted a cake in the shape of a purse, so I tried my hand at cake-making/decorating. It turned out ok, but I definitely need some classes! But, she liked it so that was what was important. She got to celebrate her day with those that love her. Tomorrow she has her first day of pre-kindergarten. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

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MamaMia said...

Funny how the baby purse doesn't fall too far from the mommy purse! Hope she had a great bd and want to see the cake pictures.