Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Stinkin' Holidays to Me!

OK, I generally try to not complain about money. But, today just SUCKED! It's bad enough our tags have to be renewed right before Christmas, but we plan for that and try to work a little overtime here and there to cover that added expense. Well, today we socked with a huge, unexpected expense. Let me backtrack a little. We used to own 2 jet-skis and a double trailer. We sold them in April 2007. Last November I went and paid the 2006 taxes on them and I informed them we no longer had the skis or trailer. They said to send them a bill of sale so that our 2007 taxes could be pro-rated. So, when I got back to Gardner I photocopied it and stuck in the mail never giving it another thought. Fast forward to today. I call Sumner County to inquire what our 2007 bill looks like so I can come pay it. I'm expecting maybe $100. Well, it turns out the bill of sale never made it to the treasurer's office. So, we got stuck with an almost $500 tax bill. I am just sick over it. That had to come out of Christmas money and money I had saved up to pay my friends Peppi and Rudy. It just really sucks. And while I don't want to let it ruin my Christmas spirit, I must say that "Murphy" is doing a good job of dampening it. So, I'm going to rummage through my stuff and see if I can't get some of my Coach bags sold. I hate to do it, but I want to give the kids/family a Christmas and I want to pay back my friends. So, if I seem to say "no" in the next few weeks when it comes to going out or doing something fun, please don't think I'm being a scrooge. I'm trying my best not to be. I'm just going to scrooge-like when it comes to my money!


MamaMia said...

Unfortunately, I hear you. :(

~* N *~ said...

Do you still have the bill of sale? I bet if you contact them and maybe fax it over maybe they can give you an adjusted balance. I'm sure something can be done about that... Otherwise you'd have to pay another year of it next year right?

Kimble-Wood said...

I tried that. Because they got it after the 20th of December last year, it didn't count. Apparently there is a law regarding it. I'm still sickened by this whole thing. So, I won't have to pay them this time next year, but that didn't help me this year! I guess this is just a learning experience.