Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick, again

I swear, one of us gets well and the next one gets sick. Poor Grayson has really taken the brunt of it this winter. For those that don't know, they think he is having abdominal migraines in which he wakes up at night vomitting. It's on it's own "cycle" and is happening to him every 2 weeks. We are currently trying to get in with a pediatric GI at Children's Mercy. Last night he woke up and was really struggling to breathe. I think he may have croup. We are going to the doctor at 2:45 today. He's coughing like a seal and running a fever of 104. He HATES medicine (and will tell you that), so getting anything in him to get the fever down is next to impossible. So, I'm trying to keep him comfortable and let him rest as much as possible. I'll try to update later. (I work 7p-7a the next few days so I can't guarantee my posts will make a lot of sense!)

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Kallie said...

Poor Grayson! Hope he gets feeling better. It seems like everyone has been sick, this season has definitely been worse. I never get sick and I've been sick 3 times in the last couple months! Anyway, let me know how he's doing! Talk to you later.